Rye patch for mending


This patch is rye. Can you recognize which cereal is it? Wheat? Rye? Oat? Buckwheat?When I walked into the field of the Hayon farm I discovered that I couldn’t recognize any cereal. Nonetheless, they are a basic food in Europe. So I made this patch as a first step to reconnect to the cereal that feeds us. So when I will be in front of a cereal field, hopefully, I will be able to guess. And maybe you will be able to guess too.


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Patch of gingham cotton fabric with an embroidery of rye. This patch will help patching a hole, a stain, or will just decorate. The cotton fabric comes from leftovers of the collective Cyclone. The DMC cotton threads come from an older collection that is not sell anymore. It will be deliver with an explanation to stitch it and a piece of thread.

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