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Being Noisy

The activity explores the expression and the perception of feelings, sensations with a multicultural public. The power of emotions is so intense, real, common that they bring people closer, they encourage social inclusion and compassionate communication. 

What is your tic when you feel stressed? How do you react when someone is unhappy? Here, the emotive reaction arouses through improvisation, role-play, mime, interaction. Once the emotions are freshly experienced, they are articulated outside the body and translated into noises, elements, visuals, tactilities, materials, Finally, the emotions will be embodied in clothing.

We made together ©

DANCE               MAKE               PLAY               LEARN               EXPRESS

In 2016 in Brussels, a group of citizens became aware of the difficulty for newcomers to meet residents of the city. SINGA proposes to create spaces for meeting, exchange, and collaboration between newcomers and locals. The aim is to build a society rich in diversity, where everyone, whatever their origin, can realize their full potential.









Camille Vanhaelen is a sweet dreamer and artist inspired for a new world. Borrowing tolerance, respect, and benevolence, she animates creative workshops and artistic proposals to awaken her audience and question the foundations of the world.

Co-facilitateCO FACILITATE


We already collaborated in the past. Our skills, organizations, thoughts are complementary. We defined personal goals to learn, grow within the project. On the way, we met the NGO Singa Belgium that gives us support for hosting and organizing ‘Being Noisy’


 Co-organize CO ORGANIZE


 Where was Being Noisy?



February  and March 2020, in Brussels, Belgium