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Cocoon evening


People walk into a refitted space where subdued lights, plant shadows, big cushions, food instantaneously relax. The evening starts with a vocal introduction altogether. We slowly move our hands and focus on our clothes, and we learn techniques to visibly repair them, to customize them. We work on personal clothing. While our hands make, we engage our minds by reading texts in our mother tongue. The perception and understanding of the languages are explored through meditations, imaginations, discussions, feelings, making, repairing. 

We made together ©

Dani-1Dani Cao is an observer. She participated in the masters program Practice Held in Common. As a part of her practice, she initiated a reading circle called read to each other’, where the unconsciousness, consciousness of voice and meaning are explored.



Co-create CO-CREATE   Co-facilitate CO-FACILITATE    Co-hostCO-HOST     CO-ORGANIZE



We decided to collaborate in combining the reading and mending for an enriching experience.


Adriana’s shirt  with boro and embroidery.                                                        Anna’shirt with patches.                                            Adriana’s jacket with satin’s stitches.