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Guerrilla Repair

The monthly event gathers people around making and repairing in front of shopping malls, shopping streets. The defiant action appropriates a space with camping camp chairs, cushions, poufs, banners, flags, flyers. The sense of togetherness is enhanced by the free exchange of skills between hobbyists, passionate, and curious. The sewing, knitting, crochet, mending offer a direct alternative to the act of consumption. Moreover the techniques, gestures reopen to the folklore. The learning animates younger with older, the public with the intimate, and produces empowerment, self-satisfaction, joy.

We made together ©

They are a subgroup of Extinction Rebellion, an international movement using nonviolent civil disobedience action. They ask the governments, to tell the truth, to act now for the ecosystem emergency. Extinction Rebellion Fashion Action has worked and studied within various facets of the fashion industry. They seek to reclaim the power of fashion to address the crisis we are in.

Do it yourself 

Do it together


We Made Together experienced a first performative experience with mending, interacting with people about clothes, and teaching mending in the street. 

After a first action against the Black Friday, Extinction Rebellion Fashion Action Netherland looked was looking for the empowerment of alternatives. We initiated the first Guerrilla with a community of Extinction Rebellion Netherland.




Hood Catharina in Utrecht