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We mend together

We made together has the same care for the human that for the clothes that we wear! We offer a bespoke mending service for your clothes. The holes aren’t just reinforced. The stains aren’t only covered and, the weak parts aren’t simply stronger! We will reassert the emotional value of your clothes!

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All the repair are exclusively made by hands using material of quality and adapted to the item. We mend denims, socks, sweaters, all kind of shirts, blankets, or all other objets made of textiles.*

* Sorry, it’s not an alteration service: we don’t shorten hems or change zippers, …


Cashmere stocking reinforced with Brussels stitches.         Buttonhole reinforced with blanket stitches.          A crotch reinforced with a Boro.         Holes in pockets reinforced with darning.       Stains on a shirt hidden through embroidery.